What’s in Store for 2022

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We know, it’s been a while since we’ve updated our blog.  

So, what are we up to?! 

We have a lot of things planned for 2022, and it’s crazy that we’re already a month in. How is everyone doing with their New Year’s resolutions? Staying on top of it? Already fallen by the wayside? No judgment either way.  

Before we dive into what we have planned for this year, let’s do a brief catch-up from 2021. 

We launched informXL for Hyphen BRIX! Our BRIX builders closed over 20,000 homes in 2021, and we can’t wait to see how many more it will be this year. 

For our NEWSTAR customers, we rolled out informXL Version 2022. There are several cool new features, but the following are our favorites: 

-The Field Chooser module which lets you create hundreds of new fields within Analyzer. For Datamart customers, the fields you can bring into your Analyzers are endless! We believe this is truly a game-changer and hope you will too. 

-The Doc & Image link feature which allows you to open NEWSTAR image link documents directly through an Analyzer. 

We also launched Envision Services, your in-house data partner. You have a lot of data, your systems are getting more complex, we all know how the story goes. InformXL is here to help you streamline the process and use your products as efficiently as possible. And now we have the resources to commit to custom data services! This includes dashboards, apps, custom reporting, and integrations for your business. Envision Services is currently available for all NEWSTAR customers. 

These new and exciting initiatives would not be possible without bringing some awesome new talent to our team. We added four new employees last year! 

Now, for 2022: 

For our BRIX customers, we have two new Analyzers in the works: Job Options and Construction Moves 

Job Options gives you a detailed list of all job options where you can analyze option sales frequencies in detail or aggregate. It’s options analysis at your fingertips! 

Construction Moves shows task and construction movement across jobs, taking advantage of the milestone tasks that integrate into BRIX from Hyphen BuildPro. 

We will also be working with our builders to gauge interest in Datamart for BRIX!  

For our NEWSTAR customers, we’ll be expanding Envision Services and the Power BI platform. The Microsoft Power Platform gives you limitless options for your data, and our team will show you how it’s done.  Dashboards, apps, workflows – it’s super powerful and super easy to use. The Envision experts will also show you just how much is possible with the new Field Chooser module. 

For all of our customers, we will be working on delivering an online client portal to make the update and release process for our products easier. We will also be producing new online video and training content throughout the year to keep you and your team updated on what’s new with informXL.    

If you haven’t already, catch us over on LinkedIn to stay up to date on what’s new in the data world. For tutorials on our products, you can browse our Youtube channel.   

Happy Analyzing! 

-The InformXL Team  

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