How informXL Analyzers Helped Brite Homes Identify Areas of Overspending

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Brite Homes has been a Hyphen BRIX customer for over two and a half years, during which time they’ve used Hyphen BRIX reports as their primary method for data reporting and analysis. Although BRIX offers a comprehensive library of canned reports, Brite Homes found that performing the analysis they needed often required running, exporting and consolidating multiple reports through offline spreadsheets. This required time and effort, and Brite needed a way to streamline the process.

Arnaud Durand, a reporting and data consultant working with Brite Homes, would often spend hours on detailed analysis. This was the case with job cost and variance reporting, which required significant amounts of data and numerous reporting extracts. He contacted informXL seeking a better solution.


Brite Homes needed a better way to aggregate and analyze business data for monthly reports, check data for accuracy, and find areas of overspending.


Brite Homes added informXL Analyzers to their BRIX system for all their data reporting and analyzing needs. As a result, Arnaud and Brite Homes were able to decrease the time spent on reporting each month from dozens of hours to just minutes.

Arnaud was also able to create custom Excel-based dashboards and pivot tables that could be re-used and updated with real-time data directly from BRIX. These dashboards and pivot tables were extremely useful in helping Brite Homes track cost metrics, predict future cash flows, and identify job cost variances.

One instance of job cost overspending became evident while using the informXL Job Cost Analyzer. By using this Analyzer, they found plumbing variances across a series of projects that led to an estimated cost savings of $35,000.

See how informXL helps homebuilders just like Brite Homes make smarter, more informed decisions through visual analytics, dashboards, and mobile reporting. Contact Sales for an online demo, to schedule a training, or inquire about our consulting services.

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