Introducing Analyzers for Hyphen Solution’s BRIX

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After months of testing by our early adopters, the informXL Analyzers for BRIX are finally here.

informXL partnered with Hyphen Solution’s BRIX in 2020 to design Analyzers, our signature Microsoft Excel-based reporting tool, for their customers. The Analyzers connect to BRIX customers’ data in the cloud enabling them to aggregate, evaluate and report their data for better insights and more informed decision-making.

The BRIX Analyzers bring in real-time data from fields that are specific to that ERP making them easy for employees in every department to use, including Accounting, Construction, Finance, Purchasing and Sales.

Here’s an overview of the 7 Analyzers and their capabilities:

Sales Summary – Sales and backlog report by division, region, project and job. Includes job-level sales details with buyers, sales amounts, contingencies, closing projections and more. Designed for Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Accounting and Finance personnel.

Job Cost – Detailed breakdown of job costs and transactions by division, region, project, job, cost code and vendor. Designed for Purchasing and Construction personnel.

Purchase Orders – Detailed view of PO Line items for each project, job and vendor. Includes all PO details to the payment level. Designed for Purchasing and Construction personnel.

Job Details – Detailed breakdown of all jobs and status by division, region and project. Designed for Accountants, Purchasing, Controllers and Finance personnel.

Accounts Payable – AP transaction details by division, region, project, job, invoice and vendor. Designed for Accountants, Controllers and Finance personnel.

General Ledger – Transaction or summary level ledger information at the company, account, region, division and job levels. Designed for Accounting and Finance personnel. 

Takeoff Compare – Detailed breakdown base house and option takeoff data. Includes budgets and cost estimates by project, plan, elevation and cost code. Designed for Purchasing, Accounting and Finance personnel. 

If you’re a BRIX customer and would like a demonstration or would like to know more, please contact us or reach out to your Hyphen Sales representative.

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