We're thrilled to announce the latest version of our software: informXL 2022.

Discover the possibilities with our newest product release, available to all NEWSTAR users. Watch the video to learn about new key features and upgrades so you can put your data to work!

See how much further your data can go with informXL 2022. Great for both Analyzer and Datamart users, we're excited to bring you new possibilities.

We’re bringing you two new Analyzers, one  for SalesXpress and one for Bid Manager. We’re also offering an optional Analyzer package for LandDev. These tie to all of your data in the SalesXpress, Bid Manager, and LandDev modules.

Our favorite feature of informXL 2022 is the all-new Field Chooser module. We took your suggestions to heart and made something we’re incredibly proud of. With the new Field Chooser option, you can create hundreds of new fields within Analyzer and an infinite amount of new fields in Datamart. 

The new Document Images feature allows you to attach documents to different modules within NEWSTAR. PDFs, Excel files, Powerpoint files, whatever suits you. For the Accounts Payable and Lot Detail analyzers specifically, you can pull any associated documents directly for slick, straight-forward functionality.

There are four new tables in the Datamart platform, including a SalesXpress table. We’ve also added Budget Upload Enhancements which have been a big hit for builders looking to upload business plans and budgets into Datamart. 

Ready to get started?

Upgrading your software can be intimidating, but don’t worry. There is absolutely no downtime, and you won’t lose any of your customizations or dashboards. 

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and delivering user-driven enhancements. Our in-house data experts are always here to provide you with top-tier support. Get in touch today to see just how much informXL 2022 can do for your team.