We're thrilled to announce the latest version of our software: informXL 2022.

Discover the possibilities with our newest informXL release for Constellation NEWSTAR users. Watch the video to learn about new key features and upgrades so you can put your data to work!

See how much further your data can go with informXL 2022. Now, the possibilities are limitless.

We’re bringing you two new NEWSTAR Analyzers – SalesXpress and  Bid Manager, and an all new optional Analyzer package for Constellation LandDev. Yep, the Analyzer package keeps getting bigger and better.

Our favorite feature of informXL 2022 is the all-new Field Chooser module.  Taking feedback from you, our customers, we created a feature that allows you to add custom fields to your Analyzers all on your own. We can’t say enough about this feature – you’re gonna love it!

The new Document Images feature allows you to view documents you’ve stored in NEWSTAR – such as PDFs, Excel files, images, etc. – directly from your Analyzers. It’s super easy and super slick!

In Datamart we’ve added two new tables (SalesXpress and Bid Manager), added four additional Active Refresh tables, and enhanced the popular Budget Upload business planning tool. Looking for LandDev tables? We got that too!

Ready to get started?

Upgrading to informXL 2022 is easy. Downtime is minimal, and your customized Analyzers will continue to work.

Reach out today to schedule your update!