The New Look of informXL

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Dear informXL customers,

informXL was founded in 2009 with a simple premise: to help builders make better business decisions with their data. We set the foundation with informXL Analyzer, the Excel tool builders have come to know and use every day. 

In the twelve years since our launch, builder data has grown exponentially, as have the value and insight possibilities that data offers. As we head into our next ten years, we aim to push the informXL platform further to deliver the features and guidance to help you extract that value.

With Analyzer, we look to further tap into the power of Excel and integration features available within Office 365 and Power BI.

With Datamart, we will reach across your organization’s various systems and applications to organize your data through a single and centralized information hub.

And through our newly launched Envision Services, our team members will partner directly with you to go deeper with dashboards, visual reporting, apps, integrations, analytics and beyond.

The possibilities of what builders can do with their data are limitless, and we are expanding our brand and business to reflect this. With that, we are excited to share our new branding and website, designed to better convey all that is possible with your data. 


Blayne Parrish, CEO and President           

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