Take Business Intelligence to the Next Level with informXL Datamart

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We know that custom homebuilder reporting can be a time-consuming, complex process. That’s why we offer the informXL Datamart – a faster, easier way to create those custom reports to meet the specific needs of your organization. 

The Datamart is your out-of-the-box solution for the creation of more customized reports. It’s all your NEWSTAR data pre-aggregated and exposed in a single view to make it easier to select the data you need to include in your reports. When you need greater flexibility than the Analyzers can offer, the Datamart allows you to do more with your data, simplifying the creation of company-wide and financial reporting, and reducing report-writing time by 70-90%.

In as little as one day, you’ll be able to:

  • Produce advanced reports against your NEWSTAR data and outside data sources in a fraction of the time
  • Blend data from different Analyzers into your own custom report
  • Compare plan versus actual data side-by-side to see how you’re performing against your targets
  • Create and publish your own Analyzers, based on the NEWSTAR data your teams need
  • Create SSRS reports for additional reporting needs

In our next release, informXL 5.1, we go a step further! Introducing Datamart Enterprise, a whole new offering for our most discerning builders. Datamart Enterprise includes all the standard features of Datamart, plus enhanced functionalities, including:

  • Snapshots – Set automated snapshots of your NEWSTAR data for point-in-time reporting and historical documentation. See more.
  • Active Refresh –  Get near real-time data from multiple NEWSTAR tables with ease.  Using the console, set data refresh to occur nearly instantaneously, or at time intervals appropriate for your operations. See more.
  • Budget Uploads – Manage your budgets, business plans, proformas, more easily with Budget Uploads. This Analyzer reads and writes back to the Datamart, providing quick access to team members that need to manage budgets and plans with the click of a button! See more.

With the informXL Datamart, taking your reporting to the next level is easy. We’ve done the heavy lifting, making custom report creation simpler and faster.

Interested in learning how informXL can help you extend your business intelligence options? Email us to schedule a demo or stop by and see us at the Build Smarter 2019 conference when we’ll be announcing the general availability of our largest release to date, informXL version 5.1!

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