informXL Partners with Hyphen’s BRIX to Create the Industry’s First Hybrid-Cloud Business Intelligence Platform

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DALLAS (PRWEB) November 11, 2020 — Residential construction is a tight-margin industry. Understanding details and trends in job costing, sales, expenses and profits is essential to developing accurate project plans and cost estimates that can win jobs (projects), generate profit and provide your organization that additional insight to stand above the rest. That isn’t easy in a business that involves a broad range of service categories, long sales cycles, and one-of-a-kind projects with job sites and workforces that change from job to job. Hyphen Solutions is widely recognized for providing our builders with the functionality and products required for success, as is informXL.

Most home builders rely on cumbersome and often inconsistent manual reporting and analysis plus “intuition” born of years of experience to make their most crucial business decisions.

Hyphen Solutions has teamed with Denver-based data analytics firm, informXL, to develop a turnkey, easy-to-use business intelligence tool that simplifies and strengthens home builder reporting and data analysis. informXL Analyzer is a real-time Microsoft Excel-based reporting solution that pairs with Hyphen’s BRIX, a fully integrated, cloud-based ERP solution for home builders. Analyzer lets home builders transform data collected in BRIX into actionable reports that support informed business decision-making. “I am personally excited to work with Hyphen and bring builders the industry’s first hybrid-cloud business intelligence platform, bringing them closer to their data than ever before,“ says Blayne Parrish, Founder of informXL.

Valuable, Secure, Easy

informXL Analyzer is powerful but also accessible. It has been designed to make intelligent data analytics widely and easily available.

Hybrid-Cloud Reporting Solution. informXL for BRIX delivers the industry’s first hybrid-cloud data intelligence solution by connecting users’ secure BRIX Microsoft® Azure data to their local PC through Excel.

Increases the Functionality of BRIX Data. Analyzer upgrades BRIX reporting capabilities with pre-built Excel-based reports that make analyzing the data collected in BRIX faster and easier.

Simple. No Need For Extensive Training. Excel-based reports have a familiar interface and users only need the basics to use Analyzer. Employees throughout an organization can create and contribute to reports with minimal training. A touch of a button will update Analyzer’s pre-built, dynamic templates with real-time data.

Exceptional Customer Service. In addition to Hyphen’s well-known commitment to customer service, Analyzer users will have access to online information, video tutorials and virtual training sessions from informXL.

Reports for Every Department

The utility of Analyzer goes well beyond home builders’ Accounting and Finance departments. Analyzer has report templates for every department. They are ready to use out-of-the-box but can also be easily customized by team members to fit their company’s needs.

After extensive testing by early adopters, Hyphen Solutions and informXL are rolling out the following reports to all BRIX users who choose to opt into the solution in November:

  • Job Costing: (useful for Purchasing and Construction) – Detailed breakdown of job costs and transactions by project, division, region, cost code and vendor.
  • Purchase Orders: (for Purchasing and Construction) – Detailed view of PO line items for each job, project and vendor.
  • Sales Summary: (for Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Accounting and Finance) – Sales and backlog reports by division, region, project and job. Job-level sales details include buyers, sales amounts, contingencies, closing projections and more.
  • Job Details: (for Accounting, Purchasing, Controllers and Finance – Detailed breakdown of all lots and status by company, division, community and project.

In December, three more report types will become available:

  • Accounts Payable: (for Accounting, Controllers and Finance) – Detailed breakdown of costs and invoices by vendor, invoice, job, project, division and region.
  • General Ledger: (for Accounting and Finance) – Summary or a detailed breakdown of account balances by company, account, region, division and job.
  • Plan Budgets:  Detailed breakdown of cost estimates and actual budgets by project, plan and cost code.

The leading cloud-based software for the residential construction industry is becoming even more productive. BRIX’s fully integrated ERP solution for home builders is becoming even smarter with informXL’s data analytics and powerful turn-key reporting capabilities. Whether you are a current BRIX user or are interested in exploring Hyphen’s full range of cloud-based builder solutions, learn more by visiting our BuildPro product page.

Twenty of the top 25 North American home builders trust Hyphen Solutions as a reliable resource in the construction management industry. Hyphen’s software-as-a-service delivers greater operational control, better communications, lower costs and increased productivity for home builders, subcontractors and suppliers. More than 13,000 companies across North America subscribe to Hyphen’s comprehensive home builder and supply chain solutions, making the company the leading cloud-based construction management software provider. The Hyphen Network serves 560 builder divisions. In 2019, the system helped manage more than 306,000 new home construction projects. Visit to learn more about the collaborative platform.

Hyphen BRIX is a fully integrated enterprise resource planning solution for single-family and multi-family home builders across North America through BuildPro. Residential construction companies have built more than 176,000 homes using BRIX software. This cloud-based platform provides complete accounting, purchasing, sales and scheduling solutions for home builders. Connecting field staff with the back office allows builders to streamline communications, automate routine tasks, speed up production and minimize mistakes. Visit for a complete listing of software products for the residential construction industry.Since 2009, Denver-based informXL has helped North America’s fastest-growing home builders convert their business data into actionable insights for more informed decision-making. informXL’s data analytics products work alongside home builder ERP solutions, like Hyphen Brix, to access crucial real-time business information and incorporate it into customizable Excel-based reports, visual analytics, and dashboards. Visit for more information.

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