Fresh Analyzer Videos, Right When You Need Them (Updated 2022)

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We’re taking the opportunity to update our video library so you can polish your informXL reporting skills! Why not brush up on some of the new features available in the latest release?  Or, look at your data in different ways to get greater insight into your business?

Take a few minutes to check these out…

  • GL Balance:  (9 minute video) Short overview of the GL Balance Analyzer which provides all the detail found in the NEWSTAR Trial Balance and General Ledger, rolled up into a single report.  Then, learn how to run ad hoc trial balance consolidations and P&L by month using pivot tables.
  • Track Construction Starts by Week: (3 minute video) Using the Lot Details Analyzer, learn how to track construction starts week over week. With PivotTable Tools, easily add a timeline to track construction starts by years, months, quarters and days.
  • We’ve been busy with some exciting product updates! NEWSTAR users can check out all the new features from informxl 2022, and BRIX users can watch this video on the new Job Options Analyzer.  

Got 15 minutes? Repurpose that commute time and watch a short video or two to hone your informXL skills and learn something new!  Take the opportunity to leverage the true self-service reporting capabilities of the Analyzers to make them work harder for you.

We hope you find these videos helpful for your homebuilder reporting.  New and updated videos will be released as they become available.  Make a point to brush up on informXL- You’ll be glad you did!

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