The Power of Data Insight for Homebuilders (Updated 2022)

Example of informXL Executive Dashboard

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As homebuilding data becomes more and more complex, homebuilders need smarter strategies to leverage that data in order to stay relevant and competitive. When your organization has a combination of operational data, marketing analytics, customer satisfaction data and market trend data, you’re often left with a jumble of information that’s difficult to piece together into a cohesive, meaningful story. 

So, how can leadership make informed decisions based on a sea of data points – both traditional (sales team insight) and modern (disparate data sources)? 

Technology moves fast, but the homebuilding industry has traditionally been slow in adopting changes. In 2018, Lennar Executive Chairman Stuart Millar explained that the need to combine the conventional process of data collection with the use of innovative IT solutions is key to success.  Fast forward to 2022, and homebuilders are slowly but surely embracing data analytics more and more.  

And that’s where we come in. informXL helps homebuilders bring their data to life all through the ease and familiarity of Microsoft Excel. Our Analyzers make it easy to customize your reports so you can get the most out of your homebuilder data.  

For users that want to go above and beyond, informXL Datamart integrates stand-alone systems and reports into a centralized data hub. Users can build their own custom reports by combining data across standard informXL Analyzers and build interactive dashboards using industry standard tools such as Microsoft Power BI®, Dundas BI® and Tableau®. 

If you’re looking to use these tools but you’re not quite sure where to start, we have you covered there too. Our in-house consulting team Envision Services can help you discover just how much is possible with your homebuilder data. We collaborate with your team to develop custom reports, apps, integrations, dashboards, and visualizations that are built specifically for your firm. 

The world was a different place in 2018. But like Miller said, challenging ourselves to utilize more innovative approaches to data insight is crucial. With such rapid growth in the industry, now is the time to capitalize on a blend of traditional and modern data sources in order to meet customer demand, lower costs and improve operational efficiency. 

“In today’s world, everything that we’ve done before needs to be re-thought. Everything that has been conventional needs to be innovated.”  

informXL understands your company’s complex data needs, and that’s why we’re the leader in data intelligence for homebuilders. Reach out to our team today to discover what’s possible. 

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