The Power of Data Insight for Homebuilders

Example of informXL Executive Dashboard

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It’s true. As the data we collect becomes more and more plentiful and more disparate, homebuilders need smart strategies to leverage it to their advantage in order to stay relevant and competitive. Relying on feedback from the sales team about customer desires and what the competitors are doing is one piece of the puzzle. Add to that operational data, marketing analytics, customer satisfaction data, market trend data, etc. and you’re left with a quagmire of information that’s difficult to piece together into a cohesive, meaningful story.

Where to begin? How can leadership make informed decisions based on a sea of seemingly distinct data points – both traditional (sales team insight) and modern (disparate data sources)?

As Stuart Miller, executive chairman at Lennar explained in a recent video published on, the need to combine the conventional process of data collection from the sales team with the use of innovative IT solutions is key to success.

While Lennar has implemented an “enterprise service bus” approach to cross-pollinate data across disparate applications to present a single source of useful information, a similar single version of the truth can be found via consolidating a wide variety of data into an executive dashboard.

This is exactly what the informXL Dashboard delivers – a bird’s eye view into a consolidated set of the data you want to see, how you want to see it in visual, web-based reports. Combine operational data with target data side by side to compare actuals versus planned goals; capture third party data from your CRM, customer satisfaction data or Google Analytics, in the same view; analyze charts and graphs designed to your specifications, with the ability to drill down to greater granularity.

As Miller relates, challenging ourselves to utilize more innovative approaches to data insight alongside traditional feedback from field sales is crucial. With such rapid growth in the industry, now is the time to capitalize on a blend of traditional and modern data sources in order to meet customer demand, lower costs and improve operational efficiency.

Who better to address that modern data insight approach than the Homebuilder Intelligence experts themselves – informXL?  Make sense of the myriad of data available to you by consolidating it into visual dashboards, allowing for more informed, intelligent business decisions with informXL Dashboard.

Take a moment to schedule an informXL Dashboard demo today and see what so many other homebuilders are doing to consolidate multiple data sources into visual analytics for a single source of meaningful business information.

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