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On a daily basis, builders face a common challenge of how to gain better insight into their data. Data is the lifeblood which helps you run your operations as efficiently as possible so fast, easy visibility into data is crucial. While the informXL Analyzers help provide some answers, frequently builders need to extend reporting beyond the Excel-based flexibility the Analyzers provide for more custom reporting. The informXL Datamart was developed to address this challenge, but what if you have neither the staff on hand nor the time to create more customized reporting with the Datamart to meet the needs of the organization?

Sound familiar? We’ve got you covered. The informXL Envision Services team was established to help you bring your data to life. Over the years, we’ve seen that many builders who have the need for advanced reporting simply don’t have the resources available to deliver on the extended reporting required by the organization. Envision Services exists to meet this need – to serve as your data partner to help builders take your data to new heights, making it work for you in new ways.

We combine decades of homebuilder experience with deep knowledge of advanced reporting tools, especially the Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate), to deliver custom solutions to meet operational challenges, including:

  • Dashboards and data visualizations for high level, interactive reporting available on the desktop or on mobile devices for access anytime, anywhere.
  • Apps to automate time-consuming manual business processes, both across the back office and in the field.
  • Data integration services allowing builders to incorporate data beyond their ERP system into reports for a comprehensive view into business operations.
  • Creation of custom Analyzers or structured Financial Reports, designed to your specifications.

Leveraging technology to help builders make your data work for you better is what Envision Services is all about. If you’re looking for a partner to help with the creation of custom reports or to develop custom solutions to meet the needs of your organization, let us serve as your outsourced data team. We build practical solutions to solve common business problems using data already available to you. Let us know how we can help you take your data to new heights.

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