Endless Possibilities for Custom Reports and Data Solutions with informXL Datamart

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As your business grows, so too does your data and the need to work with it in more meaningful ways. If you’ve had the opportunity to work with the informXL Analyzers, you’ve come to enjoy the flexibility and simplicity the tools deliver towards helping you answer everyday business questions. But often builders are looking to do more with their data, beyond the standard Excel reports available with the Analyzers.

Enter the informXL Datamart for extended, customized reporting and data solutions. Think of the Datamart as a “data hub” – a secure, centralized SQL database containing not only your ERP data, but outside data as well such as CRM data, customer satisfaction data, construction & property management data, even offline spreadsheet data – which serves as the platform for limitless reporting and custom solution options. Some of the key features include:

  • Ability to create Custom Analyzers combining data from multiple Analyzers, SSRS Structured Financial Reports, Dashboards & Visualizations and Custom Apps.
  • Integration with the Microsoft® Power Platform – leverage Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power
    Virtual agents to solve business challenges.
  •  Publish reports to the web or automate distribution of reports to internal personnel or trades quickly and easily.
  • Budget Upload utility enables users to easily load and manage business plans and KPIs through an Analyzer front end for actual vs. plan reporting and more.
  • Develop custom reports 80% faster since ERP data is pre-aggregated.
  • Data tables mirror the corresponding Analyzers exactly so report development does not require homebuilding
  • Data Snapshots for historical and over-time reporting to see trends and changes in your data.
  • Near realtime data refresh with Active Refresh saves time and lowers server processing load.

More and more, homebuilders are adopting a data-driven approach to running their operations. The Datamart provides the avenue to simplify a builder’s ability to make better use of the massive amounts of data at their disposal, solving common business problems traditional ERP systems can’t.

Don’t have the staff, nor the time, to bring all that data to life? We’ve got you covered. Our Envision Services team works with builders as an outsourced data partner to deliver custom reports, apps and practical business solutions on a project or retainer basis. If you’re looking to streamline visibility into your operations or to capitalize on all that data for improved efficiencies, reach out to us to schedule some time to talk about the possibilities.

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