IMPORTANT: Microsoft Security Updates and informXL

Microsoft recently announced additional security measures will be applied to Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) that contain macros and VBA code. Because VBA macros are a known way for malicious actors to deploy malware and ransomware, Microsoft is changing the default behavior of how and when Office applications block or allow macros.

Your informXL Analyzer product is an Office Excel-based application and, like many advanced Office apps, contains macros. The additional security measures that Microsoft is putting into place will require that Office files containing macros be placed in an Office Trusted Location to operate.

The steps required to establish Office Trusted Locations are simple and can be found in the Microsoft support article below:

Add, remove, or change a trusted location

Our minimum recommendation is that each informXL user should have a Trusted Location set at the file directory in which the Analyzer templates reside (typically N:/NSTAR/informXL). Additional trusted locations can also be established for files stored outside the Analyzer template directory.

Companies and IT departments looking to automate the push of Office Trusted Locations for users within the organization can do so through Microsoft Office Group Policy (GPO). Please see Microsoft TechNet documentation online for establishing Office GPO trusts.


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