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How to modify the Datamart refresh schedule

The automated refresh schedule for Datamart is setup and managed through a standard “SQL Server Agent Job” accessible through SQL Server Management Studio:

At the time of installation informXL creates a default SQL job called “Update informXL Datamart”, which is scheduled to run nightly at 3:00 am.  When this SQL job executes, all Datamart tables that are “enabled” within the Datamart App are updated in accordance with the app’s specified parameters.

The schedule of this SQL job may be modified to suit specific client needs (i.e., you may change the job to run at 11:00 pm in lieu of 3:00 am), though informXL recommends the Start time be set outside of primary business hours.

In addition to modifying the default “Update informXL Datamart” SQL job, you may also create additional jobs to run updates for specific tables at more frequent intervals.  For assistance or recommended best practices regarding setup of additional and more frequent SQL Jobs, please contact our informXL Support team at [email protected].

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