informXL SQL Server Migration Summary
Updated: April 13, 2023

Applicable to: informXL Analyzer and informXL Datamart, versions 4.0 and higher

Access and Server Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 / Windows Server 2012 or higher
  • Access to SQL Server Management Studio
  • Access to Microsoft® Excel 2016 or higher
  • SQL login account with local SQL Server sysadmin rights. This will allow us to restore and configure the informXL objects within the new SQL Server instance.

Following the migration, we no longer require SQL Server sysadmin rights.

What is migrated:

Analyzer & Datamart databases

  • informXL
  • informXL_dm

Dashboard databases (if applicable)

  • informXL_db
  • informXL_dbApp
  • informXL_dbWarehouse

 What you do:

  • Backup informXL databases from the legacy SQL Server instance
  • Place copies of the .bak backup files in a folder accessible by our login account

If you are unable to perform the above steps, contact us and we can help!


What we do:

informXL Analyzer and Datamart

  • Restore informXL databases on the new SQL Server
  • Reset the informXL application login accounts
  • Reconfigure informXL Analyzers to point to the new SQL Server
  • Update any required SQL Server Agent Jobs
  • Re-build any necessary indexes
  • Test informXL Analyzer, refresh informXL Datamart

informXL Dashboard

  • If migrating to a new SQL Server: Adjust connection properties in the Dashboard application.
  • If migrating to a new Web/IIS server: A new install of informXL Dashboard is required. Please contact our Support team ([email protected]) to schedule this migration at least 2 weeks prior to the cut-over date.

Documentation we provide:

  • Instructions to point customized or user specific Analyzer files to the new server
  • Instructions to connect custom Datamart reports to the new server