informXL SQL Server Installation Requirements 

Updated: March 20th, 2024

    • Applicable to: informXL versions 2022.0.0 and higher

Minimum Requirements

      • Constellation NEWSTAR v2020.04.05 or higher, SQL Server edition
      • SQL Server 2014*, 2016*, 2017 or 2019
      • SQL Server minimum drive space: For new installations or Analyzer-only upgrades, a minimum of 50GB is required.  For existing Datamart upgrades, a minimum of your current Datamart database + 10% or 50GB (whichever is larger) is required.
      • SQL Server login with sysadmin rights
* Microsoft has ended mainstream support for these SQL Server products. Therefore, informXL cannot guarantee that all informXL features will be available on these platforms.

Connecting to your Servers
The informXL SQL Server installation will be performed by an informXL Support Analyst and will require remote access to your SQL Server instance. The most common way for us to connect to your servers is via Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP). For security purposes, we require that any provided direct server login is a) restricted by IP address, or b) secured using multi-factor authentication. Our Remote Access Security Policy can be found here. The login utilized for the installation will require access to the following:

      • SQL Server Management Studio
      • SQL Server login with sysadmin rights. This will allow us to create databases, establish the required SQL Users, and create and configure SQL Server Agent Jobs.

What Gets Installed or Updated

    • Database 1: “informXL” (Analyzer application database)
    • Database 2: “informXL_dm” (Datamart data warehouse database)
    • Database 3 (optional): “informXL_proto” (Analyzer application test database)
    • SQL Server Agent Jobs
    • SQL Logins for application and informXL administration. For more details on installed SQL Logins please see document informXL System Security Summary.