Does informXL support Data level security? (Newstar only)

Does informXL support Data level security?  (Newstar only)


Applicable to: informXL Analyzer v 4.0 and higher


Company and Project data-level security was introduced as an optional feature with informXL Analyzer version 4.0. This feature utilizes the Company and Project data level security settings within Constellation NEWSTAR Enterprise.  When enabled in both applications the data returned within informXL Analyzer is restricted to the Companies and/or Projects the user has been granted access to within NEWSTAR Enterprise. 



The informXL Analyzer requirements to utilize either Company or Project level data-level security are as follows:

  1. Users must be setup in NEWSTAR ENTERPRISE with the appropriate assigned Company / Project security.  This includes users that do not log into NEWSTAR Enterprise but use informXL Analyzer.
  2. All user NEWSTAR Enterprise user ID’s (i.e. login names) must be the same as the respective Windows login name. For example, if a user logs into NEWSTAR Enterprise as “jsmith” that same user’s Windows login name must also be “jsmith”.
  3. Security settings must be enabled in informXL Analyzer. To enable security contact informXL Support ( for instruction and or assistance.

 The security settings for Company and or Project can be enabled in informXL Analyzer independently of one another.  Once either setting is enabled within informXL Analyzer it will be applied to the Analyzers as follows:


Company Security

Accounts Payable, Checks, GL Balance

Project Security

Job Cost Details, Job Scrub, Lot Details, Lot Options, Lot Schedules, Model Estimate, Parts, PO Details, Sales Summary NSE, Sales Summary NSS, Start Scrub, Subcontract Details, Takeoff Margin, Warranty Details

No Security

Prospects, Suppliers, AP Details (discontinued), RE Agents (discontinued)



When you are ready to enable either Project or Company level security within informXL Analyzer please contact informXL Support ( for final instruction and setup.

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