Report Summary

informXL Analyzer for Hyphen BRIX
Updated: November 15th, 2022


Analyzer Description

Commonly Used By

Accounts Payable

Provides detailed breakdown of all BRIX Accounts Payable transactions, with Account, Cost Code and Job Allocations showing the distribution level. This analyzer is designed for use by Accounting, as the primary parameter set is Company specific. Common uses include:

• Open AP Report
• Batched AP inquiry & audit
• AP invoice aging reporting
• Supplier invoice and purchase order inquiry & audit
• Job Cost to Account auditing
• Client/Company/Division/Region/Area AP summary

Accountants, Controller,

VP Finance, Purchasing

Construction Moves

Provides both a summary and detailed view of the Construction Milestone data brought into BRIX from BuildPro. Includes key dates, team members, and metrics including Days to Complete, Move Counts, and Carried Homes. Common uses include:

• Review timeline of in-progress homes
• Analyze production over time
• Review homes carried vs. moves by superintendent

Construction VP, Construction personnel, Sales

GL Balance

Provides summary OR detailed level breakdown of GL account balances. All balances can be summarized by Client, Company, Division, Region, Area, Account. When run in detailed mode, displays GL transaction details for each account (in & out). Common uses include:

• Month-end account inquiry
• Trial Balance review & audit
• Ad-hoc company consolidation review & audit

Accountants, Controller, VP Finance

Job Cost

Provides summary and transaction level breakdown of all BRIX Job Cost. Includes Budget vs. Job Cost and Estimated Cost at Completion. Shows job costs by cost code with transaction details. Includes original budget and current budget, open purchase order amounts, budget over/under, check and payment details, and sales date and closing date details.

• Analyze and drill-down into detailed budget and job costs
• View job estimated cost at completion
• Review over/under budget amounts
• Review detailed costs per square foot

Purchasing, Construction VP, Accountants, Controller, VP Finance

Job Details

All BRIX Job record details provided in a single analyzer. Includes 80 fields as part of the core analyzer, but with the field chooser you can bring additional fields related to the BRIX Job into the analyzer as well. Job fields include data related to Sales, Construction, Plans, Sales & Purchase Dates, Cycle Time Metrics based off the Key Job Dates (also included in the analyzer), Key Team members, Lender and Warranty information.

• View all jobs and all associated lot data in a single file
• Review jobs and associated job status and date fields en-masse by Client, Company, Division, Region, Area and Project
• View, summarize, and group jobs by starts, projected close,  estimated completion, actual completion, buyer final walk, etc.
• Review average cycle times based on projects, plans, or superintendent
• Pull in job related fields using the field chooser

Accountants, Controller, VP Finance, Purchasing

Job Options

Provides option and attribute level job option information, including option/suffix details, selections, change order information, and costing information. This can be run on a job level, or for a project/region/area to get a more holistic view of option margins and frequencies.  Common uses include:

• Analyze and drill-down into option margins

• Generate option selection sheets
• Review option/selection frequency

Purchasing, Sales VP, Sales Coordinator, Sales Agents, Construction VP

Purchase Orders

Provides a summary OR detail level view of Purchase Orders. Includes approval, payment, and check information, as well as option details. Common uses include:

• Supplier PO audit and review
• PO summary by job
• EPO summary and analysis
• PO vs Budget vs Invoice amounts
• General PO audit and review

Purchasing, Construction, Controller, Warranty

Sales Summary

Provides summary of all job level sales records in BRIX. Includes job and buyer details, sales and sales discretionary amounts, closing date projections, sales agent and realtor details, and contingency information. Common uses include:

• General project, job, buyer, sales analysis
• Backlog review (under contract, spec, model)
• Home closing projections (including revenue projections)
• Sales agent and realtor sales analysis
• Contingent sale management

Sales VP, Sales Coordinator, Purchasing,
Controller, VP Finance

Takeoff Compare

Summary and detailed analysis of base house and standard option takeoff data. Run by cost code and across months to show Purchasing cost changes over time. Includes selling price, square footage and costs by project, plan, elevation, and swing. Common uses include:

• Compare costs across multiple months
• Takeoff item cost validation
• Cost per square foot by plan, vendor and cost code
• Vendor price analysis by product

Purchasing, Estimating, VP Sales, Controller, VP Finance