Report Summary

informXL Analyzer for Constellation NEWSTAR
Updated: March 17, 2022


Analyzer Description

Commonly Used By

Accounts Payable

Provides detailed breakdown of all NEWSTAR Accounts Payable and Journal Entry transactions, with GL and Job Allocations showing the distribution level. This analyzer is designed for use by Accounting, as the primary parameter set is Company specific. Common uses include:

  • Open AP Report

  • View AP Invoice images

  • Batched AP inquiry & audit

  • AP invoice aging reporting

  • Supplier invoice and purchase order inquiry & audit

  • Journal entry inquiry & audit

  • Job Cost to GL auditing

AP, Accountants, Controller,

VP Finance

Bid Manager

*NEW for informXL v2022

Summarize and compare all of your supplier bids from the Bid Manager module of NEWSTAR Enterprise. With this Analyzer you'll be able to:

  • Compare supplier project by Subcontract, Part, or Bid Rate

  • Compare supplier pricing across plans and elevations

  • Summarize and review bids by status to see who's submitted and awarded.

  • Easily compare vendor pricing by base house or product

Purchasing and Estimating

Bid Rates

Analyze and export supplier bid rates, bid rate pricing, bid rate pricing history, and general takeoff data quickly and efficiently. Common uses include:

  • Supplier Bid Rate Price Trending Reports

  • Compare bid rate prices across multiple suppliers

  • Use as a tool for bid rate and takeoff cleansing

  • General bid rate audit and analysis

Purchasing and Estimating

Managers and Personnel


Provides detailed list of NEWSTAR generated checks, including paid invoices by check number. This analyzer is designed for use by Accounts Payable. Common uses include:

  • Check Register

  • Checks by supplier

  • Checks to invoice auditing

  • Check inquiry & audit

AP, Controller

GL Balance

Provides summary OR detailed level breakdown of GL account balances. All balances can be summarized by Company, Division, Account, and Sub-Ledger. When run in detailed mode, displays GL transaction details for each account (in & out). Common uses include:

  • Month-end account inquiry

  • Trial Balance review & audit

  • Cross-period and cross-fiscal year reporting

  • Ad-hoc company consolidation review & audit

Accountants, Controller,

VP Finance

Job Cost Details

Detailed breakdown of all NEWSTAR Job Cost transactions, including job cost Journal Entries. This analyzer is designed for use by Purchasing and Construction personnel, as only Job Cost (H and J string) transactions are included. Common uses include:

  • General Job Cost inquiry (by project, lot, major, minor)

  • Supplier invoice inquiry

  • Job scrub analysis & audit

  • Job Cost to GL auditing

  • Job Cost variance analysis

Purchasing, Construction VP,

Accountants, Controller,

VP Finance

Job Scrub

Detailed Budget vs. Job Cost and Remain-To-Spend report. Shows job costs by major/minor with invoice and PO line-item details. Includes estimate details (lot anchor, selling, latest estimate), commitment details, costing details, remain to spend, budget over/under, check and payment details, and contract date and closing date details.

  • Analyze and drill-down into detailed budget and job costs

  • View lot remain-to-spend

  • Analyze costs after close

  • Review over/under budget line items in summary or detail

  • Review detailed costs per square foot (at lot, model, or major/minor level)


Construction VP,

Accountants, Controller,

VP Finance

Lot Details

All NEWSTAR Lot record details provided in a single analyzer. Includes all fields found in the NEWSTAR “Lots” screen including active User-Defined fields, date fields, scheduling fields, and more. Includes over 100 lot specific fields.

  • View all lots and all associated lot data in a single file.

  • Review lots and associated lot status and date fields en-masse by Operating Unit and Project.

  • View, summarize, and group lots by start projections, projected closing, target completion, actual completion, walk-thru, etc.

  • Simple analysis of all lots in warranty and days remaining in warranty. Global view of lot premiums, lot prices, and promo’s, etc.

  • Dynamically view all currently active lot level User-Defined Fields with associated UDF labels.

Accountants, Controller, VP Finance, Purchasing

Lot Options

Detailed listing of all options selected at the lot level. When viewed on a lot basis, this analyzer can be used be used to quickly view options associated with a spec, model, or contracted home. When viewed en-masse by Operating Unit or Project, the analyzer can be used to review option sales in various forms by revenue and sales volume. Common uses include:

  • Summarize option sales by popularity

  • Summarize option sales by revenue dollars generated

  • Average option sales by project, category, subcategory, etc.

  • View of lot options relative to PO generation

Purchasing, Sales VP, Sales Coordinator, Sales Agents, Construction VP

Lot Schedules

Summary or detailed breakdown of lot construction schedules. Can be run in summary or detailed mode. Summary mode is intended for management level reporting. When run in detail, includes committed and open PO balances for each task. Common uses include:

  • Management level lot schedule summary

  • Backlog lot schedule review

  • Detailed job schedule review and audit

  • Job Cost projections (advanced)

  • Milestone summary

Purchasing, Construction, Controller, VP Finance

Model Estimate

Provides base house budget (model estimate) amounts by plan. Can be run in summary (by model) or detailed by plan, major code, and minor code. Includes current selling price as well as side by side comparison of base plan budgets and current takeoff costs. Common uses include:

  • Plan price list across communities

  • Build up model sales pricing based on model estimate

  • Compare base plan budgets by major code

  • Audit plan pricing differences between budgets and current takeoff costs

  • Price per square foot by plan and major code

Purchasing, Estimating, VP Sales, Controller, VP Finance


Analyze and export supplier parts, part pricing, part pricing history, and general takeoff data quickly and efficiently. Common uses include:

  • Supplier part price trending reports

  • Compare part prices across multiple suppliers

  • Create part pricing schedules for supplier sign-off

  • Use as a tool for part and takeoff cleansing

  • General part audit and analysis

Purchasing and Estimating managers and personnel

PO Details

Provides detailed view of PO line items. Includes payment and check details, and product, part, and task details. Common uses include:

  • Supplier PO audit review

  • PO Summary by job

  • VPO summary and analysis

  • Open PO balance summary

  • General PO audit and review

Purchasing, Construction, Controller, Warranty

Sales Summary*

*NEW for informXL v2022 - SalesXPress Analyzer

Provides summary of all lot level sales records in NEWSTAR Sales (NSS), NEWSTAR Enterprise (NSE), or SalesXpress (SX). Includes lot and buyer details, gross sale and incentive summary, closing date projections, sales agent and realtor details, and contingency information. Common uses include:

  • General project, lot, buyer, sales analysis

  • Backlog review (under contract, pending offer, spec, model)

  • Home closing projections (including revenue projections)

  • Sales agent and realtor sales analysis

  • Contingent sale management

Sales VP, Sales Coordinator, Purchasing, Controller, VP Finance

Start Scrub

Detailed cost and sales revenue analysis of selected products (including base house) at the lot level in NEWSTAR Enterprise utilizing Select PO Suppliers and Takeoff Details. Includes product sales revenue details, product cost details, cost data source, major/minor codes, craft details, PO details and scheduling tasks. Common uses include:

  • Preview of lot products relative to PO generation

  • Product, supplier, draw and task audits

  • Detailed job subcontract, bid rate and part review audit

  • General PO audit and review

Purchasing, Estimating, Construction

Subcontract Details

Detailed analysis of NEWSTAR subcontract records. Intended primarily for purchasing to analyze and audit subcontract details. Common uses include:

  • Subcontract item detailed audit and review

  • Subcontract comparison by supplier or project

  • Price per square foot analysis

  • Supplier bid sheets

  • Subcontract product, draw and task audits



All Supplier contact, insurance, license, and primary project details. Intended for Accounting, Purchasing, Construction, and Warranty personnel to quickly and easily retrieve and export all NEWSTAR Supplier information.

  • Supplier primary contact details export

  • PO, AP, WO contact details

  • Supplier license (insurance) expiration reports

  • Primary supplier export by project

Purchasing, Construction, Warranty, Accounting

Takeoff Margin

Summary and detailed analysis of all option sales and takeoff data. Includes option selling price, option cost, and option margin (by project and product). Intended for Sales and Purchasing management and staff. Common uses include:

  • Complete option margin analysis

  • Takeoff subcontract, parts, and bid rate validation

  • Comprehensive option pricing matrix by project and plan

  • Vendor price analysis by product

Sales VP, Purchasing, Estimating

User Security

This new analyzer is intended to provide detailed information for NEWSTAR Users, including assigned user types, NEWSTAR Web access, PO Approval Rules, and logged usage. This analyzer can also be run by Project Security. General uses of this new analyzer are:

  • General security management by user or user type

  • Analysis of internal controls and segregation of duties

  • Project-level security management

  • Review of PO approval rules

  • Review/audit security overrides

IT, Controllers, Internal Audit

Warranty Details

Provides detailed analysis of NEWSTAR warranty line items. Includes all fields from Header, Item, and Item Craft data entry screens (approximately 75 fields). Intended to be used primarily by Warranty and Construction personnel to review current and past homeowner warranty items. Common uses include:

  • General Warranty open item analysis

  • Homeowner warranty lookup

  • Supplier or Assignee item summary

  • Warranty performance and average days

Warranty, Construction