Report Summary

Analyzer Reporting Package for Constellation LandDev
Applicable to: informXL Analyzer for LandDev 


Analyzer Description

Commonly Used By


Provides detailed breakdown of all LandDev invoice AP transactions, with Activity, Job, Vendor and PO details. This analyzer is designed for use by Accounting and Production personnel. Common uses include:

  • Invoice summary report

  • AP inquiry & audit

  • Invoice to PO reconciliation

  • Vendor invoice and purchase order inquiry & audit

  • Job cost accounting

  • Tenant, Community, Job, Activity, Vendor level summary and pivots

Accountants, Controller,
Finance, Job Cost Management

Job Cost

Provides summary and activity level breakdown of all LandDev Job Cost and related budgets. Shows job costs by activity with transaction details. Includes original budget, budget adjustments, open commitments, budget over/under, retention and payment details.

  • Analyze and drill-down into detailed budget and job costs

  • View job estimated cost at completion.

  • Review over/under budget amounts.

  • Review detailed costs by vendor.

Construction VP, Accountants, Controller, VP Finance

Monthly Budgets

LandDev budget breakdown, by month and version, for all posted LandDev budgets. Budget breakdown includes current, revised, cost to complete and budget remaining at the LandDev Activity level. Common uses include:

  • Analyze budgets across months and versions

  • View budgets in pivots by year, quarter or month

  • Review budget vs. actual cost to date and costs remaining

  • View budgets by Job or consolidate by Community

Accountants, Controller, VP Finance, Purchasing

Purchase Orders

Provides Activity and Resource level view of LandDev Purchase Orders. Includes approval, payment, and check information. Common uses include:

  • Vendor PO audit and review

  • PO summary by Job or Community

  • Open balance PO analysis

  • PO Summary by Activity or Resource

  • PO Change Order analysis

Purchasing, Construction, Controller, Warranty