Support Bulletin 12-10-2014

Following a Microsoft Windows Automatic Update, Users of informXL Analyzer are greeted with error message “Run-time error ‘438’…” upon file open.

Microsoft Windows Update failed to remove temp files from the User’s temp directory following the completion of Windows Update.  The following Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) files are linked to this issue:

Office 2013

Office 2010

Office 2007

Following the completion of a Windows Update, if the User experiences the issue described apply one of the following solutions below:

Option 1 (preferred):

  • Run the Windows “Disk Cleanup” utility
  • Remove the “Temporary files” left over from the Windows Update

  • Select “OK”.

Option 2:  Remove the files manually by navigating to:

  • C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\Excel8.0\
  • Within this folder remove all files with an .exd extension.
    • NOTE:  To remove .exd files you must exit out of all Microsoft Office applications.
    • NOTE:  To view this folder path you will need to enable view of “Hidden Items” within Windows Explorer.

If you are unable to complete this yourself, please contact our informXL Support team at