You already know the Pivot Tables included in the informXL Analyzers, or those you build on your own, provide a summarized view of your transactional homebuilder data so you can make informed business decisions. They’re pretty straightforward, right? But, did you know you can group that same data within pivot tables to get different insights into your business performance? Yep, it’s easy to group data by date and by text to place the information provided in your reports in a more usable format. Using standard Excel functionality, Grouping allows you to:

•    Simplify pivot tables even further by grouping data into intuitive categories
•    View your data in a more meaningful format
•    Further manipulate data by subtotaling and sorting
•    Achieve a more refined set of data criteria

As part of our ‘Did You Know?’ series, Center6 has created two short videos that demonstrate the Grouping functionality in Excel, showing informXL example reports. Take a few moments to check them out.  The concept is the same, but the Group by Date fields versus Group by Text fields processes are slightly different.

Group by Date
Group by Text

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