Did You Know? Field Settings adjustments extend the value of your informXL Pivot Tables

Homebuilders who use informXL know that Microsoft Excel comes complete with a number of highly functional menu options, and the often underused Field Value Settings menu option is one you ought to get to know better if you want to … Continue Reading

Did You Know? You Can Use Grouping Functionality in informXL

Most of us have had experience with Microsoft Excel and know what a handy tool it can be in our normal business operations. But did you know that all of those features you’ve come to love in Excel can be … Continue Reading

gantt chart

Did You Know? You Can Create Gantt Charts With informXL

Gantt charts, graphical representations of the duration of tasks against the progression of time, are handy tools for all kinds of projects and there’s no disputing how helpful they can be in homebuilding.  But, with so many tasks to document … Continue Reading

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Did You Know? We’ve Introduced 2 New Analyzers for FAST Customers!

Center6 is pleased to announce the addition of two new Analyzers to our informXL for FAST product suite: Change Requests & Change Orders and Land Budget. For any FAST customer looking to review the status of Change Requests or Change … Continue Reading

Did You Know?

The latest videos in the ‘Did You Know’ series are here and this month we’ve introduced TWO new quick and easy topics.  For informXL FAST users we show you how to Copy or Share Pivot Tables from one Analyzer to … Continue Reading

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Did You Know?

As part of our ongoing effort to support informXL users, we’ve created another free training video.  This month’s topic covers something we get asked often – how to create calculated fields, or formulas, within pivot tables. In this video we’ll … Continue Reading