Homebuilders have a wealth of information just waiting to be uncovered in their ERP systems and informXL reporting tools are the answer to unlocking the power of that data. That’s why Center6 is offering a promotional TWOFER savings opportunity.

We’ll match registration fees paid to attend the Constellation Conference dollar for dollar towards the purchase of a new Datamart of new Dashboard license before 12/31/17! That’s two matches in one – the Constellation match and ours – double the savings!

Constellation match + informXL match = Twofer!

Attend the conference and, like Constellation, we’ll match your registration fees dollar for dollar towards the purchase of any new Datamart or new Dashboard license before December 31, 2017.

  • New DATAMART license: fee match for up to 2 individuals per company (a potential $2,590 savings!)
  • New DASHBOARD license: fee match for up to 3 individuals per company (a potential $3,885 savings!)

Savings will be applied towards the price of a new license if purchased before 12/31/17. Combined promotional value for a new Datamart AND new Dashboard license not to exceed $6,500. Please contact your informXL sales representative for more details.

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