Dashboard: Visually stunning reports with business critical insights

An Executive Snapshot. At Your Fingertips.

Taking a holistic approach to homebuilder reporting, informXL Dashboard delivers a birds-eye view of your entire operation through a single browser experience. Management and executive teams gain instant visibility to business critical information allowing for more informed and intelligent decisions.

A Collaborative Management Tool

  • Informational insight for executives, team leaders and department managers
  • Stunning visualizations into key builder data through a single browser based experience
  • View and compare company KPIs, pro-formas, budgets and critical metrics
  • Share and collaborate across divisions and departments
  • Drill-down reporting for deeper insights and informational awareness
  • Share different perspectives with other users with datapoint notes, replies and email notifications

Single Experience – Anytime, Anywhere

  • Access using any standard web browser
  • Visualize via iPad, tablet, PC, mobile and touch
  • Connect to any data source (database, cloud, Excel)
  • Optimized for multiple devices
  • A single, consistent and dynamic user experience
  • HTML5 web technology, future-proofing your business

With informXL Dashboard you get your entire business at a glance and on-the-go.

Get instant visibility into your entire organization through information rich dashboards and reports. It’s the pulse of your company in a browser, readily available. Join North America’s top builders and see why informXL Dashboard is homebuilder intelligence.

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