Analyzer: Microsoft Excel reporting, customized and real-time

Real-time Reporting

The informXL Analyzer suite is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Microsoft® Excel based reporting tool that dramatically simplifies homebuilder reporting and analysis. The self-service platform is fully customizable, allowing individualized reporting for the entire organization.

Simple, Fast, Accessible

  • Real-time reporting and analysis, all in Excel
  • Simple to use and designed for the entire organization
  • Works out-of-the-box for instant insight and value
  • Performance tuned for rapid run-time reporting
  • The flexibility and familiarity Microsoft® Excel and the power and reliability Microsoft® SQL Server

Fully Customizable

  • Real-time reporting and analysis, all in Excel
  • The full flexibility of Excel in an always connected format
  • Quickly produce charts, graphs, maps and pivots
  • Design, save and re-use customized reports
  • True self-service reporting for the entire organization

“informXL is the single best in vestment in reporting we have purchased. I can’t imagine a homebuilder without it.”

Neal Communities

With informXL Analyzer, operational and financial reporting has never been faster or easier.

Sales, finance, production and warranty – informXL Analyzer puts your operational data at your fingertips and because it’s Excel, you already know how to use it. Join many of North America’s best builders and see what informXL can do for your business.

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