What’s Next for informXL?

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The last several months have been busy ones for us as we’ve been finalizing some exciting new enhancements to the informXL product line. Set to debut at the Constellation Homebuilder Systems Build Smarter 2018 Conference in Nashville, TN on October 3-5, these updates will be generally available in our next major release, due later this year.
Some of the exciting new features include the addition of informXL Ribbon Parameters, Automated Data Snapshots via informXL Datamart, Budget Uploads and the introduction of Dashboard Templates:

  • Ribbon Parameters – the same familiar parameters and buttons, just relocated to the Excel Ribbon. We’ll also include a new “Support” button for fast access to our Support site and Knowledge Base. This change provides improved compatibility with Office Excel 365 and 2016.
  • Automated Data Snapshots – creating data snapshots, historical records of your changing NEWSTAR data for point-in-time reporting, gets a boost. In our next release we’ll deliver a utility to automate the process, allowing users to schedule and run snapshots with ease.
  • Budget Uploads – uploading budgets to the Datamart has never been easier. In the upcoming release of informXL we’re adding a budget upload option to make the process a snap.
  • Dashboard Templates – a simplified template-based approach to implementing informXL Dashboard. Start with a blank template, choose from a gallery of dozens of preconfigured visualizations and KPIs, save, repeat and share. Personalized dashboards are now that easy!

If you missed us as the Constellation conference, but would like to know more, email us and we’ll set up a time to show you what’s next for informXL.

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