informXL version 5.1 Advance Release is Now Available for Early Adopters

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Our biggest release yet will be generally available with our launch at the Constellation User Conference in November, but for those builders on the cutting edge interested in becoming early adopters of informXL 5.1, the time has arrived.  If you’re considering cutting the line to be among the first users of the new release, here’s more to entice you:

ANALYZER – a new look, a new Analyzer, and numerous enhancements:

  • New Excel Ribbon controls – The same familiar parameters and buttons, now with the added reliability of being fully integrated into the Excel Ribbon. Check it out.
  • New Bid Rates Analyzer – Analyze and export supplier bid rates, bid rate pricing, bid rate pricing history, and general takeoff data quickly and efficiently. Use it for supplier bid rate trending reports, to compare bid rate prices across multiple suppliers, as a tool for bid rate and takeoff cleansing, and general bid rate audit & analysis.
  • For builders taking advantage of NEWSTAR’s Unlimited User Defined Field (XDF) module, we’ve brought those UDFs into the Analyzers as an optional module. Pick-n-choose the UDF’s you want in your Analyzer, save and re-use. Your Analyzers now with unlimited UDF’s! See example.
  • Dozens of new fields, fixes and performance improvements!

DATAMART – Introducing Datamart Enterprise. It’s a whole new offering of Datamart designed for our most demanding builders:

  • Snapshots – We’ve automated your ability to create ‘snapshots’, historical records of your changing NEWSTAR data for point-in-time reporting. 
  • Active Refresh – Get near real-time data refresh for all your Datamart tables. Using a simple console, easily set data to refresh nearly instantaneously or select the frequency of refresh as desired.
  • Budget Uploads – It’s an Excel based Analyzer that reads and writes data to Datamart. Budget Uploads makes it easy for team members to build and load business plans, proformas, budgets and KPI’s into Datamart through an Excel front-end. Loading data into your SQL Datamart couldn’t be easier! Take a look.

Dashboard – a new way to implement Dashboards through Templates

  • Held off on implementing dashboards because of the time, cost or complexity to implement? Look no further than informXL Dashboard Templates.
  • Choose from a gallery of pre-configured widgets to build your own personalized dashboards. Save, share and repeat. It’s a true self-service dashboard experience! See it!

This new release is our most comprehensive one yet! If you’re as excited as we are and would like to get to the front of the line prior to the general availability launch in November, just let us know. We’d be happy to schedule your install and get you started.

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