informXL Dashboard version 5.1- Delivering Swift Insights Personalized for Your Business

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In today’s world, people want answers right away. The ability to have insight into your operational performance – anytime, anywhere – has become the expected norm, instead of just a luxury. The informXL Dashboard brings your business data to light in summarized visual dashboards accessible through a browser, for true business intelligence at a glance. Get a bird’s eye view of your business with interactive charts and graphs drawing from your operational data and other outside data points of your choosing. 

With our informXL 5.1 release, we’re excited to announce the addition of Dashboard Templates, a less expensive and less complex implementation option for providing your business with the visualizations you need, out-of-the-box. Dashboard Templates brings data visualization to your fingertips for enhanced business clarity. Choose from a gallery of predefined widgets built around homebuilder-specific metrics, drag, drop, and save. We’ve done the heavy lifting, developing dozens of visualization options, based on the KPIs builders need most. The rest is up to you. Simply select the options most suitable to your business, and your job function, to create your personalized executive dashboard. It’s that easy. With this Template-based implementation approach, visualizations are delivered to your organization’s executives, team leaders, and department managers providing them the informational insight they need to make more informed decisions.

For builders looking for a more tailored executive dashboard solution, our Custom implementation option might be more suitable. Custom implementations offer greater flexibility in design, metrics and presentation, uniquely developed to meet specific requirements. Define your dashboard views, your way. informXL Dashboard delivers highly-customizable charts, gauges, maps, and scorecards to any device for easy access. View your company goals, business plans, and performance metrics exactly how you want and blend your data for deeper operational awareness across the board.

Whether you’re looking for templates that are pre-built and ready-to-go, or personalized dashboards with limitless possibilities, making smarter decisions is easier than ever with informXL Dashboard.

informXL 5.1 will be generally available this November when we launch the release at the Build Smarter 2019 Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you’d like to set up a time for a demo of our biggest release yet, email us and we’ll schedule a time to show you some of our best features to date!

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