10 Reasons Why Homebuilders Need informXL 5.1!

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The general availability of informXL Release 5.1 is fast-approaching this November, and with it, we’re looking forward to unveiling our largest release ever at Constellation Homebuilder System’s Build Smarter 2019 Conference. 

Why will builders love informXL 5.1? Advanced updates bring a list of new features to your fingertips:

Reason #1) The Analyzer now boasts new informXL Ribbon controls, with the added reliability of being fully integrated in the Excel Ribbon.

Reason #2) We’ve introduced NEWSTAR’s Unlimited User Defined Field (XDF) in the Analyzers as an optional module. Choose from a selection of unlimited UDFs, save, and re-use.

Reason #3) Budget Upload, a feature of Datamart Enterprise, makes managing your budget data easier than ever. Give your team members the ability to populate budget data, forecast budgets, compare data, and adapt operational strategies in an Analyzer that reads and writes back to the informXL Datamart with the click of a button!

Reason #4) Dashboard Templates, a new streamlined implementation option for informXL Dashboard, delivers dozens of visualization options designed from years of experience working alongside homebuilders. Give your executives, team leaders, and department managers industry specific visualizations for enhanced business intelligence.

Reason #5) Set automated snapshots of your NEWSTAR data for point-in-time reporting with Data Snapshots, a feature of Datamart Enterprise. Record historical documentation, track data, and adjust your operational strategies accordingly. 

Reason #6) With Active Refresh, Datamart Enterprise is faster than ever. Active Refresh helps manage the delivery of near real-time data to your reports from multiple NEWSTAR tables with ease.

Reason #7) The NEW Bid Rates Analyzer gives you the ability to streamline bid rate analysis. Effectively manage bid rate data, compare pricing, and create reports that help you design a cost-effective strategy for your business. 

Reason #8) informXL Analyzer is now enhanced with dozens of new fields, bug fixes, and upgrades to streamline your reporting capabilities on a daily basis. 

Reason #9) Datamart users will enjoy 30 new SQL Views, and 40+ new NEWSTAR RECID fields, offering more possibilities for simplified custom report creation.

Reason #10) Significant performance tuning means report generation is now faster than ever.

Interested in learning how informXL can help you achieve greater business intelligence? Email us to schedule a demo, or visit us at the Build Smarter 2019 Conference for our largest release to date!

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