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Last week we were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to present on the informXL product roadmap as part of the HMS Cornerstone Solutions monthly webinar series. With our new release coming soon, we focused on some of the latest deliverables and what builders can expect in the next iteration of the informXL product suite. If you missed it, take a moment to watch the replay here to learn more about enhancements to homebuilder reporting with informXL.

We are grateful to the Cornerstone team for including us in their regular webinar series, designed to offer great ideas and solutions for taking advantage of software offerings to make your job easier. Each month, HMS delivers interactive webinars which showcase industry experts who shed light on a variety of topics to help your business succeed. The 2019 schedule is already published and to learn more or to register for any of the events, please visit the Cornerstone webinar series page. Many thanks again to the folks at Cornerstone for inviting us to participate again this year. We’re looking forward to our next appearance in July, 2019!

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