Introducing informXL 5.1 – Our Biggest Release Yet!

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Our Latest Update Introduces New Capabilities for Analyzer, Datamart, and Dashboard. More Than Just Fixes and Performance Enhancements, informXL Release 5.1 Includes Something for Everyone.

What’s New in Analyzer?

  • Fully integrated Excel Ribbon controls for convenience and reliability!
  • Streamline your bid rate analysis with NEW Bid Rates Analyzer. Effectively manage your bid rate data, compare supplier bid rate pricing, and generate supplier bid rate trending reports to create a cost-effective strategy.
  • Numerous new fields, fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Users of NEWSTAR’s Unlimited User Defined Field (XDF) module can now bring those UDFs into the Analyzers with our new, optional informXL XDF module. The same great Analyzers, now with unlimited UDFs. See example.

What’s new in Datamart?

  • 30 new SQL Views, offering more possibilities for simplified custom report creation.
  • 40+ new NEWSTAR RECID fields.
  • Additional fields, fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Introducing Datamart Enterprise for our most discerning builders. It’s a whole new offering of Datamart, delivering all the capabilities of the Datamart but with additional features such as:
    • Snapshots – Set automated ‘snapshots’ for historical documentation and point-in-time reporting on your NEWSTAR data.
    • Active Refresh – Delivering near real-time data to the Datamart from multiple NEWSTAR tables. Set your data to refresh near real-time, or schedule the frequency of refresh to fit with your operations.
    • Budget Uploads – Create and maintain budgets, business plans, proformas and re-forecasts easily and centrally within the Datamart with the Budget Upload module. Delivered as an Analyzer that reads and writes back to the Datamart, team members can manage budgets and other plans with the click of a button! See screenshot.

What’s new in Dashboard?

  • Introducing Dashboard Templates, a more standardized and lower cost option to Dashboard implementation using a template-based approach. informXL Dashboard Templates greatly reduces the time, complexity, and cost typically associated with a Dashboard implementation by providing you access to a gallery of pre-configured widgets. Personalize your dashboards to fit your needs, save them, and build more at your convenience with this self-service dashboard experience! Take a peek!

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Additional Materials:

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