Online Training

Below is a selection of a just a few of our most commonly viewed training videos, but you’ll find the complete list of available videos on our YouTube channel.


GL Balance – 12 minutes

Provides summary OR detailed level breakdown of GL account balances.  All balances can be summarized by Company, Division, Account, and Sub-Ledger.  When run in detailed mode, displays GL transaction details for each account (in & out).  Common uses include:

  • Month-end account inquiry
  • Trial Balance review & audit
  • Cross-period and cross fiscal year financial reporting
  • Ad-hoc company consolidation review & audit

Model Estimate – 12 minutes

Provides base house budget (model estimate) amounts by plan.  Can be run in summary (by model) or detailed by plan, major code, and minor code.  Includes current selling price as well as side by side comparison of base plan budgets and current takeoff costs.  Common uses include:

  • Plan price list across communities
  • Build up model sales pricing based on model estimate
  • Compare base plan budgets by major code
  • Audit pricing differences between budgets and current takeoff costs
  • Price per square foot by plan and major code

Start Scrub – 12 minutes

Detailed cost analysis of selected products (including base house) at the lot level in NEWSTAR Enterprise utilizing Select PO Suppliers and Takeoff Details. Includes product cost details, cost data source, major/minor codes, craft details, PO details and scheduling tasks. Common uses include:

  • Preview of lot products relative to PO generation
  • Product, supplier, draw, and task audits
  • Detailed job subcontract, bid rate, and part review and audit
  • General PO audit and review

Accounts Payable – 12 minutes

Provides detailed breakdown of all NEWSTAR Accounts Payable and Journal Entry transactions, with GL and Job Allocations showing the distribution level. This Analyzer is designed for use by Accounting, as the primary parameter set is Company specific. Common uses include:

  • Open Accounts Payable report
  • Batched AP inquiry & audit
  • AP invoice aging reporting
  • Supplier invoice and purchasing order inquiry & audit
  • Journal Entry inquiry & audit
  • Job Cost to GL auditing
  • Company/Division AP summary


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