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With a manual process for inserting Constellation HomeBuilder data into Microsoft® Excel for analysis, Century Communities simply did not have the time nor the resources to effectively gather the real-time financial data needed to effectively grow their business. It took too much time to pull data, so they simply didn’t do it. If they did, the data was six months late and no longer relevant. Century Communities was in need of a way to quickly analyze customized real-time data.


Century Communities set out to:

  • Reduce the man-hours related to their financial reporting
  • Gather more customized data
  • Analyze real-time project data to make the homebuilding process more efficient and ultimately more profitable


With informXL, Century Communities was able to provide customized reporting throughout the organization. Whether you are a project manager or in the financial department, each department manages their numbers more closely and efficiently – creating quicker builds and more profitable projects.

Century Communities Reporting Highlights

  • Variance Purchase Order Analysis – Detailed VPO analysis lets you track your job and stay on budget
  • Sales Analysis – Provides sales revenue and closing projections, sales agent tracking and incentive tracking
  • Job Costing – See job cost details, how the job is producing and how you compare to budget
  • Margin Analysis – Prior to starting a job, make more educated decisions and determine profitability
  • Purchase Order Lookup – View all PO details, including descriptions, check numbers and options
  • Options Analyzer – Analyze option sales, who’s buying, what they’re buying and how often you’re selling



With a lack of data transparency, Harmony Homes’ Constellation HomeBuilder users were having a difficult time pulling the information they needed to make smart business decisions. To gather and analyze data required the manual manipulation of a handful of spreadsheets. This process was time consuming and cumbersome which lead to the analyzation of outdated data and uninformed management of housing projects.


Harmony Homes needed to increase the transparency of their data, allowing them to be more efficient and ultimately more profitable in their housing projects. They needed a way to quickly and easily access a variety of data throughout the organization. To more efficiently complete housing projects, Harmony Homes had to look for a way to have the whole organization operating together using the same data that was transparent and accessible.


Through the implementation of informXL, Harmony Homes provided transparent access to data throughout their organization. With a Microsoft® Excel-based platform, informXL made Constellation HomeBuilder data more accessible, while also reducing the time it took to gather this same data. informXL has helped Harmony Homes better manage their data, leading to a significant increase in project efficiency on all levels. With Operations, Sales and AP all working together, Harmony Homes closes houses more quickly and on time.

Harmony Homes Reporting Highlights

  • Sales Summary – Used by the whole organization in escrow meetings to analyze and review backlog, project closings, revenue and to schedule final walks
  • Job Costing – Detailed analysis of all job costs, including costs against budget, option details, cost per sq. ft., variance details, costs remaining and costs after close